Lavender Hill brings the spa experience to you in the comfort of your own home with natural herbal bath products such as bath salts, herbal soap, shampoo, and shower gel.

Our massage lines include massage lotions, massage oils, and bars. We even have purely aromatherapy products such as linen sprays, potpourri, sachets, and oil warmers.

Our special blend of essential oils, fixed oils, & salts will rejuvenate your mind and body. Based on different natural properties of individual essential oils each product family lends its own distinct enhancement to your physical & emotional well-being. Experience the difference of 100% natural products.


BATH SALTS - Dead Sea Salts with natural essential oil blends. Simply sprinkle an ounce of salts in a warm bath and soak in the tub. Provides therapuetic effects through both aromatherapy as well as penetration through the skin. Available in 8 different essential oil blends ranging from very energizing (Awaken - Rosemary & Peppemrint) to completely relaxing (Slumber - Lavender).

SPA SCRUBS - mixture of six different fixed oils, finely ground dead sea salts and essential oils. Can be used in the shower or the bath. The salts exfoliate, the fixed oils moisturize and protect your skin, and the essential oils produce the therapeutic effect through both aromatherapy and penetration through the skin. Also, great for use on hands and feet due to its moisturizing capability that will stay with you throughout the day, even after washing your hands. For those who have very sensitive skin, we also have spa rubs, which are identical except they are only oil - no salt. Available in 8 different essential oil blends ranging from very energizing (Awaken - Rosemary & Peppermint) to completely relaxing (Slumber - Lavender).

BATH BARS - 100% natural handmade herbal soap that comes in 21 different varieties for varying effects and skin types including extra moisturizing herbal soap, natural deodorant herbal soap, and even an Aloe Tea Tree bath bar great for helping to heal and prevent skin conditions such as acne. These bath bars also last 2-3 times longer than mass produced bars because of the way they are cured. No chemicals, no dry agents, just simply natural pure herbal soap.

MASSAGE BARS - a bar that looks like a soap but is used like a lotion. Simply rub it directly on the skin and your body heat melts it. A great idea for those people who like massages, but do not want to deal with lotions or oils. We even have specialty sports bars that contain Arnica to help relieve joint and muscle pain, and a Vapor Ease bar containing menthol and camphor crystals which is ideal to treat chest colds and congestion. Also available in 8 different essential oil blends ranging from very energizing (Awaken - Rosemary & Peppermint) to completely relaxing (Slumber - Lavender).

BODY MISTS - Surround yourself in your own scent with our designer body mists. You become the designer as you can choose from over 40 different fragrances, and can even mix up to three scents in the same body mist. Our body mists are a wonderful aromatherapy product.

POTPOURRI & SACEHTS - enjoy a wonderful scent throughout a room, or simply use a sachet in enclosed areas to keep it smelling wonderful. We have scents ranging from a relaxing Victorian (lavender and chamomile), to a spicy Moroccan (sandalwood & rose), to a homey country kitchen (orange, apple, and cinnamon). Our sachets and potpourri make wonderful gifts and are another one of our aromatherapy products.

LIP BALMS - protect and moisturize your lips with 100% natural oils and beeswax. No artificial flavorings. No petroleum products, and even an Extreme Elements line to help heal and protect sore and chapped lips.

LINEN SPRAYS - the most popular of our purely aromatherapy products. Available in four scents (Lavender, Chamomile, Sandalwood, and Rose). Simply spray your sheets and pillow and let the naturally soothing and calming ability of these essential oils lull you to sleep naturally. Fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, and awake more refreshed.

OIL WARMERS - as a service to our customers, we now also sell oil warmers at a greatly reduced price from most retail outlets. Obtain the different therapeutic effects of various essential oils based upon the time of day and the need. The number of essential oils and combinations are limitless when using an oil warmer. Energize in the morning with rosemary, help focus throughout the day with peppermint, and then relax and soothe at the end of the day with lavender.

SHOWER GEL, SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, HOT OIL TREATMENTS - Lavender Hill has a wide variety of shower gel and hair care products. We use only the finest fixed oils and essential oils. You can even order shampoo and shower gel in 50 different fragrances or essential oil blends. Our conditioner and Hot Oil Treatments are a wonderful way to bring back life and vitality to your hair.

HAND/BODY LOTION, MASSAGE LOTION, MASSAGE OIL - our lines of lotions and oils moisturize naturally and protect. In addition, the massage lotion and massage oil provide various therapeutic effects based upon the essential oils used. The massage oil in particular contains six different fixed oils to obtain the enrichment from such oils as jojoba, rose hip and avocado, but also contains very gentle oils such as sweet almond, sunflower and safflower to make it gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Our massage oils and lotions have been developed with, tested by, and used by many professional massage therapists. The lotions and oils are available in countless varieties, and we even do custom blending. This section even includes specialized skin care products such as an Avocado Skin Rejuvenator and an Aloe Lavender Sunburn Remedy.

GIFT BASKETS - since Lavender Hill products make wonderful gifts, we also offer gift baskets. Choose one of our standard baskets, or select the items you would like to have in a basket, and we will make one up for the price of the products plus $10 for the basket. A wonderful idea for holiday gifts, especially for those far away since we can ship directly to them.

LH SPORTS - our LH SPORTS line of products include a wide variety of items including the sports massage bars for aching muscles and joints, a natural disinfecting and deodorizing spray (Gym Bag & Locker Spray), a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial spray (Anti-Fungal Foot Spray), natural deodorant bath herbal soap, and even an insect repellant for those who are active outdoors.

CLEANERS - there are very few things in your home that are more toxic than your cleaners. By using the natural cleansing and disinfecting properties of essential oils, Lavender Hill has developed All-Purpose Cleaners (in Pine and Citrus scents) and a Geranium Glass Cleaner. These cleaners are safe, non-toxic, and even gentle enough to be used by children. No more worry about fumes since the essential oils have aromatherapy effects while you clean. We cannot promise they will make you want to clean, but they will make it much more pleasant than using toxic cleaners.

OILS & HERBS - since we buy both oils and herbs in large quantities, we are able to sell essential oils, fixed oils, and herbs at a discounted price. We sell the same top quality oils and herbs that are used in our products. Check out our prices and compare.

LH PET PRODUCTS - Lavender Hill has also developed a natural pet product line including pet shampoo, pet coat rinse, anti-septic skin spray, and kennel disinfectant. When you bath your pet with Lavender Hill products, it is like a natural air freshener for your entire house as your pet wanders throughout the house.